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My Hacks

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D.I.Y. Automatic Fish Feeder Under $10


This is the fastest and cheapest way to build an Automatic Fish Feeder.

It automatically turns the light on, feeds your fish and turns the light off.

It can run for months by itself.


Material List

1-  24 hr Timer                (Wal-Mart under $5)

2-  Pill bottle                   (Walgreens Pharmacy $0)

3-  Straw                        (Whataburger $0)

4-  Some Mighty Putty     (Wal-Mart $10 / 4 = $2.50)

5-  Box Cutter                 (This is the only tool you need)

6-  Extension Cord           (Dollar Store $1)


Step 1

Poke two holes about timer dial width apart.


Step 2

Unfortunately "Mighty Putty" does not stick to pill bottle. Apply "Mighty

Putty" on holes. Close holes from in and out. Let it harden (15min).


Step 3  


Fortunately "Mighty Putty" does stick to Timer. Apply "Mighty

Putty" to the rime of the timer.  Attach the pill bottle. Let it

harden (15min).


Step 4

Take the lid and cut a hole as big as the straw.


Step 5

Cut the straw about 1/2" longer than the

depth of the pill bottle and place the straw

in the hole such that when lid closed there

should be about 1/4" opening space. Use

"Mighty Putty" to fix the straw in place.


Step 6

Close the lid. (This example straw cut 30deg angle)

Straw opening controls the amount of food discharged.

For more food angle cut sraw or use larger straw (Recommended).

I have only 3 fish in my son's 10gal fish

tank. The "WhataBurger" straw is large

enough for my application.


Step 7

Break the fish food in smaller pieces.

Fill the pill bottle with fish food.


Step 8

Attach the timer assembly by using "Mighty Putty" and let it harden (15min).

Set the timer such that when feeding light should be on. Plug the fish tank

light to timer. Plug the extension cord. Enjoy...



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